Where Do You Get Podcast News Information?

tapelogoThe podcast world is expansive. It’s tough finding out what’s new, what’s hot, what apps to use, what topics are timely and what I might have missed. While trying to find a voice here at The Listening, I’ve been keeping up with a few publications. I’ll describe each of them below. How do you keep up with podcast news? Give me a holler at @dombrady on Twitter and let me know what I’m missing.

Hot Pod: Nick Quah’s Hot Pod weekly newsletter is the best digest of information about podcasts out there. He’s got insider knowledge about the mechanisms behind the scenes. Quah has a firm grasp on everything I want to know or he’s in the process of finding it out.

The Pub: This podcast is published by Current, public media and non profit media’s newspaper of record. It’s hosted Adam Ragusea. (full disclosure: I worked with him at Georgia Public Broadcasting). The podcast is a conversation about the public media world’s news and happenings. The most recent episode with current NPR programming VP Eric Nuzum speaking on his move to Audible.com is fantastic stuff exploring the limits and possibilities of public media, public media’s mission and what audio content will mean at a company like Audible. Listen to understand the constraints that inspire, create and sometimes burden public media content producers.

The Timbre: This website is for audio what Longform.org is for the written word. Here you’ll find essays, reviews, podcast news, Q&A’s with podcast producers and best-of lists from the previous week.

Tape: If The Timbre is like Longform’s website then Tape is akin to Longhorm’s excellent podcast. Tape converses with producers from some of your favorite radio programs and podcasts.

Nieman Lab: A Harvard publication trying to get a grasp on media’s future. Right now a big part of that future appears to be podcasts and online or on-demand audio content. You can find in-depth reporting here detailing the business of online audio content.

Podcasts In Color: Talking Black podcasts. I’ll admit my tastes with podcasts skew to the public radio-like sound and pace. Many of the podcasts featuring people of color that I listen to also have that feel: One with Farai on PRI’s Soundworks, PostBourgie, The Center of Investigative Reporting’s Reveal, AfroPop Worldwide and Panoply’s About Race. But there is a much larger and vibrant scene out there: Bossip’s Don’t Be Scared, Loud Speaker’s Network’s The Read, Buzzfeed’s Another Round, indies like Mmhmm Girl, TWiB Network’s This Week in Blackness, Wolfpop’s Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of all time PERIOD  and more. This website keeps me abreast of what should be on my radar. Because of them every podcast I’ve listed above is now on my subscription list.

Sara Weber: This newsletter lists Weber’s weekly best-of picks and mentions a few hot topics in podcast news.

The Debrief: The Debrief is a lifestyle website from the UK. There’s audio content under their podcast tag that I’ll not find anywhere else. It’s not all my speed, no. But the podcast/audio content world rarely reflects the depth of content available. The Debrief is refreshing because it expands the conversation.

Podmass: I’ve been following the A.V. Club for movie and television news loosely since I found out about it on The Sound of Young America–now known as Bullseye with Jesse Thorn. I had no idea they covered podcasts. I’d never subscribed to The A.V. Club’s RSS feed and since I don’t visit websites except through social media links I was in the dark about their podcast news and reviews. It’s the quality content we’ve come to expect from the A.V. Club. Dive in. There are years of content to peruse.

Transom:  Information on production gear, apps, techniques and manifestos from some of public media’s premier talents.

Reddit: Reddit always has the potential of diving into the minutia of an idea and unearthing gems. I check out this board every now and again to see what’s buzzing among podcast fans.

So where’s The Listening fit in? I’m not sure yet. But I’m determined to find out. I’ve found gaps in coverage but I’m not sure I want to LIVE in those gaps. We’ll see. Next week I start the newsletter, soon after the podcast will air. We’ll know more at that time.


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