A blog about audio ephemera, artifacts, podcasts, documentaries, technology, art and design written by Dom Brady in Atlanta, Georgia. Dom is a freelance reporter and podcaster. You’ve heard or seen Dom’s work at Georgia Public Broadcasting, ABL Radio, Brooklyn Radio, iHeartMedia, Creative Loafing Atlanta and more.

Why this topic? Why now? 

I like to talk about media. I love to talk about podcasts, Internet radio and audio documentary. I’ve been listening to Internet radio since the (now defunct) Pseudo Network, AKA Hip Hop Network and DJ Evil Dee’s Beatminerzradio mixes during the late 90’s and early aughts. I’ve ravenously consumed video and audio podcasts since the click wheel iPod. I’m also lifelong fan of public radio.

My friends and I have really great conversations about podcasts and media on Twitter and Facebook. Those discussions  disappear quickly on those platforms. I’ve played with concepts of something more permanent like a blog about podcasts for years. Fadia finally convinced me to follow through on the idea.

While blogs like The Timbre , websites such as Transom and newsletters like Hot Pod are outstanding, I’m going to try to cover a wider scope of audio content. I also plan to touch on gear for listening to and creating online content as well as the business of online audio. Be forewarned: The Listening will link to Transom, The Timbre and Hot Pod’s work often. They all do a fantastic job.

The Listening, eh? Why’d you choose that title for the blog/podcast?

It’s an homage of sorts. My career began as a music blogger/journalist. Listening parties are cozy affairs with food and drink where journalists and influencers are summoned to hear new music from an artist. From there, the buzz  about that artist grows. I hope that this blog can offer that cozy feel and help spread the word about great audio content and the mechanisms that make it possible.

The name is also a nod to “The Listening”, a classic underground Hip Hop album whose design presentation was created by Frank William Miller Junior aka FWMJ of Rappers I Know fame. I’ve always admired the design of the album cover and the music itself. That album, I feel, helped usher in a new era in “urban music”. Current acts like Drake and  J.Cole are influenced by this defunct group. This blog is also a space to practice writing, design, coding, recording and audio production skills in an effort to ape that holistic experience. I’m learning. I will often fail but that’s part of learning. Hopefully my work here can live up to the beauty of that album someday.


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